Kasey's Ukulele Method for Kids - Digital Interactive Book

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Make learning the ukulele fun and easy with Kasey's Ukulele Method for Kids - Digital Interactive Book. 
Kickstart your child's or student's music learning journey with "Kasey's Ukulele Method for Kids," the best resource to start them on the path of musical discovery, creativity, and success. 

It's so much more than just a book!

Your Ultimate Ukulele Learning Kit Includes:

Interactive Book: Includes clickable links to instructional videos which make learning a breeze. 

Easy-to-Understand Lessons: Designed specifically for children, with clear explanations to ensure they grasp the basics of the ukulele, from different sizes and tuning to reading music notes and chords.

Skill-Building Exercises: Engaging exercises that enhance their playing skills, confidence, and motivation to learn.

Beautiful Illustrations: The book is beautifully illustrated, keeping children engaged and making the learning process more visual and interactive.

Age Appropriate: Designed specifically for children, this book is easy to understand and follow.

Online Audio Tracks and Video Demonstrations: The book comes with online audio tracks and video demonstrations that your child can play along with, enhancing their learning experience and making learning easy.

Free Getting Started Guide Included: A clear, concise guide showing exactly how to use the book for the most effective learning experience. This guide includes many videos specifically designed for parents to help their children become successful with learning.

Written by a Master Teacher and Pro Musician: Author Kelly Weeks has over 20 years of teaching experience, a master's degree in music ed, has written hundreds of songs that have been placed on television, and has a social media following of over 100 thousand people.

Lesson and Group Instruction Friendly: The book is a great resource for music lessons or group instruction, making it ideal for classrooms or group lessons.