Kasey's Piano Method for Kids - Learning Book for Children

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Unlock the World of Music with Kasey's Piano Method for Kids.
For Parents and Teachers:

Introduce your child or student to the enchanting world of the piano with "Kasey's Piano Method for Kids," a unique book that makes learning the piano a joyous adventure. 

Key Features

Comprehensive Learning: From pre-reading music to playing with both hands, this book covers everything to ensure a well-rounded musical foundation.

Fun & Engaging: Packed with songs, exercises, and online jam tracks that make learning exciting and effective.

Beautiful Illustrations: The book is beautifully illustrated, keeping children engaged and making the learning process more visual and interactive.

Age Appropriate: Designed specifically for children, this book is easy to understand and follow.

Online Audio Tracks and Video Demonstrations: The book comes with online audio tracks that your child can play along with, enhancing their learning experience.

Getting Started Video for Parents and Teachers Included: A video that provides you with everything you need to know to set your child/student up for success.
Lesson and Group Instruction Friendly: The book is a great resource for music lessons or group instruction, making it ideal for classrooms or group lessons.