Kasey’s Guitar Jams for Kids

Your child can learn the basics of playing the guitar in a simple and super-engaging way!

Love and passion for music are fostered from a very young age. With “Kasey’s Guitar Jams for Kids”, your child can learn the basics of playing the guitar in a simple and super-engaging way that will develop his or her appetite for music and art.

Written as an interactive play-along “jam” method to discovering the beauty of the guitar and playing the first notes, this fun and engaging book can show your little one just how amazing this instrument can be.

Filled with dozens of pages with tons of colorful illustrations, this volume can be your kid’s first step into the world of music. It can teach your child the parts of the guitar, how to tune it, how to hold it properly, as well as how to play various songs by number or TAB. For those of you who want to dig in a bit more, you can discover a fun way to exercise and improve your playing technique, as well as teach you a few easy songs that will make you sound like a pro!

Are you ready to become a guitar rockstar?

Here’s what mom and dad should know:

  • This guitar book for beginners was specifically designed for children
  • It is very easy to follow and super fun
  • The book features many colorful illustrations that make learning easier
  • It encourages practice and promotes mistakes as part of the learning process
  • Play-along jam tracks are available online for streaming kaseysmusicmethod.com.

Open your kiddo’s world to music and art with his first guitar book!

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